Specialists in total nutrient solutions.

The world knows some of the best quality food comes from the fields of New Zealand. That’s why we’re here - to help Kiwi farmers produce the most nutritious, delicious, New Zealand meat and dairy.

It starts from the ground up. You need good feed to make good food, so we ensure soils are primed to produce quality crops and stock.

What we do is based on the findings and philosophy of South Canterbury farmer, the late, great, Brown Trotter. Back in the day, faced with ever-decreasing stock health and performance despite ever-increasing fertiliser inputs, Mr Trotter found it took supplementing his soils and livestock with trace elements to see the advances he wanted.

We’ve been expanding on his work since the 1980s and based on years of findings, we’ve formulated and refined a wide range of products scientifically proven to counter trace element deficiencies.

Meet the team

E andrew@livestocksupplies.co.nz

P 027 457 4673

As our General Manager, Andrew is the bloke who makes sure everything runs smoothly. With many years’ experience in the farming industry particularly in the agronomy, seed and fertiliser trade, Andrew loves the multiple ranges of solutions we can provide for every type of farming philosophy.

“We’ve got a well-grounded team, and everyone here has varying backgrounds in the farming industry. That goes a long way when we’re talking to clients. We know the actual mechanics of farming and how forage is grown. Whilst we don’t sell seeds or chemicals, we provide a more in-depth and practical approach.”

E eugene@livestocksupplies.co.nz

P 027 314 4454

Like all our Technical Sales Reps, Eugene has an extensive background in rural servicing and farming, working in both farming and other rep roles within the industry. Clocking up a total of 30 years combined experience, Eugene loves dealing with clients; problem-solving and helping them out with their business. Eugene offers a real advantage when it comes to understanding his clients, conducting soil testing, and recommending fertilisers and trace elements. Eugene loves the teamwork at Livestock Supplies and the results he gets to see his clients enjoy.

E mick@livestocksupplies.co.nz

P 027 208 5257

After 14 years in the trucking industry, Michael joined us six years ago as our Production Manager. Mike oversees the production, packing and dispatch from our factory based in Gore. The factory produces the Livestock Supplies’ products destined to improve your crop and stock health. He loves the organisational aspects of the role, getting stuck in and working with a good crew.

E liam@livestocksupplies.co.nz

P 027 479 0044

Liam comes from a background in Turf Management and brings plenty of soil nutrition knowledge to our sales team. He enjoys getting out on-site to examine the soil and putting his knowledge of micro-and macro-nutrients to use. By taking the time to fully understand his clients and their goals, he provides personalised advice and recommendations to help them achieve long-term results.

Liam knows that relationships are key in this business and always makes sure his clients are taken care of, not only by recommending the right products but by making sure things are delivered right when they need them.

“It’s a great feeling to work directly with people and see real results for them with the Livestock Supplies products.”

E joseph@livestocksupplies.co.nz

P 027 314 1401

Joseph came to us with a background in greenkeeping as well as livestock contracting so he has plenty of first-hand experience in how the right fertilisers and micronutrients can make a big difference. In his role as a technical sales representative, he spends most of his time building relationships and understanding his clients’ farm systems before recommending a course of action to help them reach their goals.

“I love getting out to meet new people and help them find the little things that will make a big difference for their results.”

Our Office Manager Liz has a good rapport with our clients and the interaction with clients is one of the things that makes her job enjoyable. She has been with Livestock Supplies now for 26 years and enjoys the ‘family’ atmosphere with the team she works alongside.

As our Office Assistant, Tazmah is usually the first point of contact for customers that come into the office and lucky for them, she’s a pro at making sure they get what they need. She works alongside Tess to make sure our records are in order, the accounts are sorted and everything behind the scenes stays in tip-top shape.

“I really enjoy meeting the customers and learning all about the systems and products here.”