Micro input, macro results.

We combine science with many years of local knowledge and good old-fashioned, hands-on experience to create nutrient programmes unique to each farm’s requirements.

We’ll identify the nutrient deficiencies impacting your crop output and/or stock health and weight, then we’ll work with you to create a plan (up to three years) that directly addresses the health and nutrition of the plants and/or animals on your farm.

Better returns start from the ground up.


On-site visual assessment of your crops and/or stock, followed by geo-specific soil tests and stock testing if necessary.


Identify the nutrient deficiencies impacting your crop output and/or stock health and weight.


Create your individual farm plan which may include high-quality micronutrients to supplement your existing macronutrient regime, or the creation of a specific blend of micro and macronutrients to achieve your goals.

LSS421 Trace element specialist SML

Trace element specialists.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Which is why each nutrient programme we create is unique. Whatever we supply you with, it all stems from totally independent advice based purely on what is best for your farm.

We supply both micro and macronutrients, with both bulk and smaller quantities available. All made from the highest quality ingredients on the market, we develop our products to improve the potential of your farm’s profitability starting with the fertility of the soil.

LSS422 Year of Findings SML

Based on years of findings.

We have formulated and refined trace element mixes to remedy soil deficiencies. We also produce a line of proprietary recipe salt blocks and licks. These are a more cost-effective way to enhance animal condition.

Our products also include cobalt and other soil and plant nutrition management products; fertilisers and lime; and BioGro organic approved products.

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Proven results

Improves the fertility of your soil
Our soil testing details all the major elements, total exchange capacity, base saturation percentages and trace elements to determine your specific soil needs.

Increases crop output
Our farm-specific nutrient plans and top quality products produce quality feed based on your farm’s individual conditions.

Improves your specific stock health and weight
Our unique approach to trace elements and personalised plans leads to a noticeable difference in stock health and performance.

Increases profitability of your farm
With a nutrient plan specific to your farm, your stock will be as healthy as possible, which means you get a greater return.

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